Refund Information

When we accept money from a customer we are exposed to expenses such as merchant charges, bank fees and currency conversion costs. Our product pricing is adjusted accordingly to accommodate for these charges and in turn we do not charge reseller account holders when making payments.

Our Reseller Pricing Structure Is For Frequent Purchasers

Refunds are not available unless a previous arrangement has been made, at the discretion of Trustico®. In our usual course of business we offer discounted pricing based on the level of commitment our resellers agree to. Refunds are assessed on a one by one basis and are offered only in exceptional circumstances.

When a refund is processed we are faced with unforeseen expenses which we must pass onto our reseller account holders. Expenses include charges for transmitting refunds, merchant service fees and administrative charges.

Please Contact Us if you have any further questions about refunds, fees or charges.

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Using Another Certificate Provider Can Be Risky Business

Some other providers offer SSL Certificates that don't quite meet the standards of ours. As one of the largest and favorite SSL Certificate retailers globally, Trustico® sets the standard in offering a high quality SSL Certificate service.