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Ordering, Management & Product Options

Renew An SSL Certificate Easily & Instantly • Trustico®
Renewing an SSL Certificate is usually the same procedure as obtaining a new certificate (when you renew you need to replace the physical SSL Certificate on your server), with the added benefit of being able to renew early without losing any validity.

Refunds | SSL Certificate 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Buy with confidence at Trustico® - if you are dissatisfied with your service for any reason, you will receive a full refund if you submit a refund requested within seven days of issuance.

Premium Installation $50.00 | SSL Installation Service
If you would like an SSL Certificate but you do not have the technical knowledge to generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and install your SSL Certificate our Premium Installation service allows you to acquire the technology without the required technical knowledge.

SSL Validation & Issuance Requirements • Trustico®
SSL Certificates validation, instantly issued SSL Certificates - companies that issue SSL Certificates are in the business of establishing that entities on the internet are, in fact, who they claim to be.

EV SSL Certificate Validation Requirements • Trustico®
Extended Validation SSL achieves the highest level of consumer trust through the strictest authentication standards of any SSL Certificate.

Discounted Multiple Year SSL Certificates • Trustico®
Buy multiple year SSL Certificates - when you order an SSL Certificate product from Trustico you will have to opportunity to select how many years you wish the product to be valid, and we'll give you a discount if you order for more than 1 year.

Issuance Insurance | Protect & Replace SSL Certificates
SSL Certificate Issuance Insurance - it is important to keep your SSL Certificate investment safe from unexpected server crashes! Issuance Insurance is useful if your server crashes or you need to move your SSL Certificate from one server to another with ease.

SSL Certificate Fraud & Chargeback Policy • Trustico®
SSL Certificate fraud and charge-backs - we use various credit reporting agencies and will send a default notice to them upon receiving a fraudulent order and/or charge-back. A charge-back is when a cardholder reverses or disputes a credit card transaction.

Switch, Buy & Renew SSL Certificates • Trustico®
Switch from Comodo, GlobalSign, GoDaddy or Positive SSL for free! Get your free SSL Certificate instantly.

Trustico® Official WHMCS Module
You can now start selling and managing SSL Certificates with our fully featured WHMCS module. Become a reseller of Trustico® and then take advantage of our module in conjunction with your WHMCS installation to sell and manage your SSL Certificates.

Online Security Products & Services

Get A Free Trial SSL Certificate Instantly • Trustico®
Secure your website easily without payment or commitment and at the end of your SSL Certificate free trial you can choose to upgrade or cancel.

Buy RapidSSL® Cheap From Only $18.45 | Issued Instantly
RapidSSL® is our cheapest and best low priced SSL Certificate. We recommend RapidSSL® for websites conducting low transaction volumes. Buy RapidSSL® from only $18.45 and get secured instantly.

RapidSSL® Wildcard | Unlimited SSL Security For $147.08
RapidSSL® Wildcard secures unlimited sub domains and are recommended for web sites conducting low transaction volumes. Priced from only $147.08 RapidSSL® Wildcard is highly competitive in the SSL market.

Buy QuickSSL® Premium Cheaper - Price Match Guarantee
Secure online transactions and applications in minutes with a QuickSSL® Premium SSL Certificate, enabling up to 256 Bit encryption on web browsers and mobile phones. Buy from $91.58 - issued instantly, no paperwork.

Buy QuickSSL® For Only $46.20 | Cheapest GeoTrust® SSL
Buy 256 Bit GeoTrust® QuickSSL® Basic SSL Certificates for only $46.20 - issued within minutes.

Instant Thawte® SSL Website Encryption For Only $73.08
SSL123 is Thawte's entry level SSL Certificate, providing validation that your domain is officially registered and that the SSL Certificate has been rightfully purchased. Through SSL encryption, the certificate assures that information is kept private between your web server and client web browsers.

Buy GeoTrust® True BusinessID® For Only $110.08
If you are looking for the highest quality SSL Certificate to secure your online transactions and require the most advanced site seal technology available, then True BusinessID® is the perfect security solution.

True BusinessID® Wildcard $369.08 | Unlimited Domains
True BusinessID® Wildcard can secure an unlimited number of sub domains. Suitable when only one SSL Certificate is desired and multiple sub domains need to be secured.

Symantec® Secure Site $295.08 | VeriSign® Price Match
Secure Site is a 40 Bit to 256 Bit SSL Certificate issued by Symantec® and includes a $1,000,000 warranty plus the Norton™ Secured Seal. Buy from only $295.08 instantly.

Secure Site Pro $739.08 | Server Gated Cryptography
Secure Site Pro for securing sensitive information during online transactions. With SGC (Server-Gated Cryptography) - Secure Site Pro (SGC) SSL Certificates have a browser recognition of 99.9% and are ideal for web sites requiring a professional SSL Certificate solution from only $739.08 per year.

Norton™ Trust Seal | Get More Conversions For $221.08
Turn Web site visitors into customers by giving them the confidence to sign-up, share, and shop online. Display the Symantec® Trust Seal where customers submit or enter information online.

True BusinessID® + EV $189.05 | Full Encryption
Boost your online sales with new EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificates. Protect your site from phishing scams and increase your customer transactions with True BusinessID® + EV.

Buy Symantec® Secure Site EV $759.05 | Most Trusted SSL
Secure Site + EV for securing sensitive information during online transactions. Boost your online sales with new EV (Extended Validation) SSL Certificates. Protect your site from phishing scams and increase your customer transactions with Secure Site + EV.

Buy Symantec® Secure Site Pro + EV $1,139.05 | With SGC
Secure Site Pro + EV includes the Symantec® Secured Seal, ensuring your customers see that your website and company have been validated by Symantec® - instilling consumer confidence and adding value to your online offering.

Power Server ID™ $399.00 | Secure 9 Subject Alternate Names
Power Server ID™ enables up to 256 Bit encryption, is a single root SSL certificate and can be used with up to 9 additional server names (SAN's). Power Server ID™ ensures that any customer can connect from any device, anywhere, anytime. GeoTrust® Power Server ID™ SSL Certificate only $399.00 - issued within minutes.

Power Server ID™ Wildcard Secures Unlimited Sub Domains
Power Server ID™ Wildcard is the most universally recognized and powerful SSL Certificate yet, allowing you to secure multiple sub domains with just one SSL Certificate for only $0.00.

Secure & Sign Adobe® PDF Documents | My Credential™
Together, Adobe® and GeoTrust® have developed a revolutionary solution for document security. My Credential™ For Adobe® is the first ubiquitous implementation of public key document validation technology and because it is embedded within existing Adobe® applications, it is truly seamless and easy to use.

GeoTrust® Malware Scan | Find Malicious Website Code
GeoTrust® Anti-Malware Scan protects your site from hackers and malicious code. Daily Web site health check protecting your business and your customers. Display the GeoTrust® trust mark, proven to boost your online sales and increase customer transactions.

Norton™ Shopping Guarantee - Better Website Conversions
Norton™ Shopping Guarantee is designed to provide shoppers added confidence and value. This program is proven to increase website conversion and sales and overall site profitability.

Buy Comodo® SSL For $73.08 | Get Secured Within Minutes
Secure online transactions in just minutes with a Comodo® SSL Certificate, enabling up to 256 bit encryption on all major web browsers and mobile phones. Buy from $79.00 - domain control validated SSL Certificate.

Cheap Comodo® SSL Wildcard For Only $282.13 | Unlimited
Secure your domain as well as all its sub domains in minutes with Comodo® SSL Wildcard Certificate. Highest level encryption on web browsers and mobile phones. Buy from $305.00 - issued instantly via e-mail.

Secure Multiple Domains For $219.23 | Comodo® MDC
Secure multiple domains & host names with a single Comodo® UC Certificate. Multi Domain certificate Supports all server platforms. Secure up to 200 domains or sub domains. Buy from $237.00 - Domain Validated SSL.

Buy Comodo® Positive SSL For $18.45 | Instant & Cheap
Secure online transactions in just minutes with a Comodo® Positive SSL Certificate, compatible with all major web browsers and mobile phones. Buy from $19.95 - issued instantly, no paperwork.

Positive SSL Wildcard For $147.08 | Unlimited Domains
Secure your domain and unlimited sub domains in minutes with a Positive SSL Wildcard Certificate. Up to 256 Bit encryption on web browsers and mobile phones. Buy from $159.00 - issued instantly, no paperwork.

Positive SSL Multi Domain | Flexible & Instant For $55.50
Secure multiple domains & host names with a single Positive SSL Certificate issued by Comodo®. Entry level multi domain SSL Certificate securing up to 100 domain names. Buy from $60.00 - domain validation, issued instantly.

Comodo® Instant SSL Certificate $73.08 | High Security
Secure online transactions & applications with a Comodo® Instant SSL Certificate, enabling up to 256 bit encryption on web browsers & devices. Buy from $79.00 and get your site secured.

Comodo® EV $217.55 | Green Bar SSL Certificate
Secure all online transactions with Comodo EV SSL — Extended Validation SSL Certificate — Maximum assurance with green address bar recognised by all browsers and mobile phones. Buy from $229.00

Comodo EV SSL + SGC $455.05 | Ensures Encryption
Secure customer conversion advantages with Comodo® EV SSL + SGC. Enable up to 256 Bit encryption on web browsers & mobile devices. Buy from $479.00 to secure your website and get the "green bar".

Comodo® EV SSL + Multi Domain $652.65 | 100% Trusted
Add the green address bar to all your domains with Comodo® EV SSL Multi Domain SSL certificate - Secure up to 200 domains with one certificate. Buy from $687.00

Our Hosting Products & Services

Trustico® Hosting - Get Your Website A+ Rated | Free Trial
Achieve a Qualys Labs A+ rating when you switch to our hosting service and experience the best guaranteed SSL/TLS deployment practices out of the box.

Hosting Frequently Asked Questions - Trustico®
Choice of web hosting is one of the most important decisions of any online business. Trustico® offers a range of scalable cost efficient hosting options that use a cloud hosting platform.

General Information Pages

EV (Extended Validation) SSL | Green Bar Technology
Extended Validation SSL Certificates offer high security with green bar technology and were created in direct response to the rise in internet fraud.

Get Better Search Rankings | Enable Always-On SSL
Google’s new search ranking algorithm will look more favorably on websites that use HTTPS by default. The plan is to give more weight (better search ranking results) to websites that are fully HTTPS encrypted.

Getting Started With Securing A Website • Trustico®
Customers know when they have an SSL session when their browser displays the little gold padlock and the address bar begins with a https rather than http.

SSL Certificate Information & Questions • Trustico®
SSL Certificate FAQ - We have put the following information together based on common questions we are asked.

SSL Certificate 99% Browser Root Ubiquity • Trustico®
Secure your SSL enabled browser or mobile device. Our SSL Certificates can be installed on any server that supports the use of an SSL Certificate. 99.9& ubiquity means your visitors can transact in a safe an secure environment.

SSL Warranty | NetSure® Protection Plan • Trustico®
It is worth noting that other SSL Certificate providers may use warranty as a means of adding an increased perceived value to their offerings and typically offer the same SSL Certificates that Trustico® provide - with higher warranties - and then charge more for the SSL Certificate.

SSL Certificate Price Match Guarantee • Trustico®
We want every customer to enjoy our quality service, even if you find a cheaper price elsewhere. We believe there is no reason to buy your SSL Certificate or Site Seal anywhere else and hope you will give us a chance to beat any advertised price.

Website Trust Seals Identify Genuine Sites • Trustico®
Trustico® supplies trust seals from the world's largest and most trusted independent Certificate Authorities

Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) - Enables 256 Bit SSL
Server-Gated Cryptography (SGC) enables 128 or 256 Bit SSL encryption - the most powerful SSL encryption commercially available.

GeoTrust® Site Seal | Included Free, Easy Installation
The GeoTrust® Smart Seal technology provides fast, reliable and user-friendly web site identity authentication, and instant proof to your customers that your web site can be trusted.

Norton™ Secured Seal | Included For Free • Trustico®
When you display the VeriSign® Secured Seal on your website, your customers will recognize the most trusted security mark on the internet and gain the confidence to complete their transactions with you.

Thawte® Secure Site Seal | Included Free • Trustico®
The Thawte® Secure Site Seal is a dynamic image appearing on your website that allows visitors to tell at a glance that they can trust your website, that your online site is validated and that they can transact safely and securely.

Malware Scan | Detect Infected Pages & Code • Trustico®
Malware is rarely visible on your website; it is hidden in your web-page code. A malware scan by a malware detection tool can help you identify infected code. VeriSign® Trust™ Seal includes a daily malware scan.

Code Signing Certificates | Secure Your Web Application
Code and content signing is based on public key cryptography. Digitally sign software objects, macros, device drivers, firmware images, virus updates, configuration files. A digital signature ensures secure delivery over the internet.

SSL Certificate Supported Software, Devices & Servers
SSL Certificates can be used by all devices, servers and control panels which are SSL ready. Almost every service on the internet can be protected with an SSL Certificate, and in most cases it is a requirement that you secure your online services to protect data.

Wildcard | Secure Unlimited Sub Domains From $147.08
Wildcard certificates are able to secure unlimited sub domains. In most scenarios a wildcard certificate can be installed several times on the same IP Address, whereas standard SSL Certificates require a unique IP Address for each installation. Only $147.08 per year.

How To Secure Your Online Business Website • Trustico®
Which SSL Certificate should you buy? Our QuickSSL Premium certificate is the most popular certificate purchased from our sites as it offers mobile ubiquity, dynamic site seal and free Issuance Insurance.

Facebook SSL From Just $18.45 | Online App Certificate
Get an SSL Certificate for Facebook. Secure your Facebook Apps with SSL for Facebook. Get a compulsory Facebook SSL from VeriSign®, GeoTrust®, Thawte® & RapidSSL®.

Single & Chained Root SSL Certificate Differences
Some Certification Authorities do not have a Trusted Root CA Certificate present in browsers, or do not use a root that they own, and use a Chained Root in order for their SSL Certificates to be trusted.

Industry Solutions

SSL Certificate Solutions For Medium & Large Enterprise
Enterprise SSL Certificate solutions for government, educational, medium and large businesses.

Health & Medical Website SSL Certificates • Trustico®
Online pharmacies are awarded special pricing and benefit from a streamlined validation process, thereby making it a faster, easier and scalable solution for online healthcare providers.

Secure Your .XXX Domain Name For $18.45 • Trustico®
Secure your new .XXX domain name with a .XXX SSL Certificate. Ensure Your .XXX website complies with International Foundation For Online Responsibility (IFFOR) Regulations by purchasing an SSL Certificate from Trustico®.

Trustico® Corporate Information

Globally Trusted SSL Certificate Provider • Trustico®
Creating a successful secure web presence should be easy and affordable. Trustico® provides the best quality, most fully featured products and services at comparative prices.

Contact Trustico® | We're Waiting To Hear From You
Our online customer service agents are available during promotional and peak periods and you can choose to chat with them instantly online. We recommend this option if you have a technical support question.

Chat Online Instantly Using Your Keyboard • Trustico®
You'll be connected instantly to a customer service agent that is standing by when you use our live chat service. Live chat allows real-time communication between two users via a computer.

Legal & Governence | Terms & Conditions • Trustico®
Trustico® legal information, Terms & Conditions and subscriber agreements.

SSL Certificate Privacy & Protection Policy • Trustico®
SSL Certificate Privacy and Protection Policy - we are committed to the protection of your personal information. Our Privacy and Protection Policy contains the following important information regarding your use of our web site.

VAT Applicable For European Customers • Trustico®
Buying SSL Certificates and paying VAT - Trustico® Limited is located within the United Kingdom which means that customers within the European Union may be subject VAT.

GST Applicable For Australian Customers • Trustico®
From July 1 2014, Trustico® Online Limited has opted to voluntarily register for GST in Australia. GST will be applicable to all orders submitted by customers located within Australia.

The Trustico® Trademark - Our Global Brand
The Registered Trustico® Trade Mark is used exclusively under license agreement. Trustico Online has been licensed to use the following trade marks.

Customer Testimonials & Valued Feedback • Trustico®
Customer testimonials and feedback - here are some comments about us from just a few of our satisfied customers from all over the world. We quote all customer testimonials exactly as they were sent to us, and seek permission before we make any change.

TrustSpot Feedback | Review Your Trustico® Experience
Review Trustico® Products & Services. View Reviews of Trustico® & See What Our Customers Are Saying About Our SSL Certificates.

Regional Offices - Global SSL Certificates • Trustico®
Worldwide SSL Certificates, Buy SSL Certificates In Australia, United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand and Canada.

Direct Deposit & Wire Payments - Banking Details | Trustico®
Banking information, wire transfer and telegraphic transfer options. If you would prefer to pay for your order by wire transfer or direct deposit you may submit your order and then make payment using banking information on this page. We offer banking facilities in Australia, United Kingdom and United States.

Websites That Display The Green Address Bar • Trustico®
Here are just a few of the companies using VeriSign® Extended Validation SSL Certificates to secure their websites.

Why Choose Trustico® - Affordable SSL Certificates
Buy SSL Certificates at discounted prices - we use a fully automated ordering system which allows us to verify that an SSL Certificate purchaser has appropriate administrative rights to a domain name, this greatly lowers the costs for issuing SSL Certificates - and the savings are passed on to our customers.

Trustico® TV - Our Television Commercials & Videos
Trustico® tv commercials and educational videos, Trustico® partners with Symantec™ to present the "Confidence In A Connected World" campaign, offering a free trial for businesses to get the Symantec Trusted Tick for their website.

Our Suppliers & Partners

Buy Comodo® SSL Certificates Instantly • Trustico®
Purchase a high assurance Comodo® SSL Certificate from Trustico® at discounted prices - keep your website secure with Comodo, recognised by all web browsers and mobile devices.

Cheap RapidSSL® SSL Certificates - Low Price Guarantee
RapidSSL® SSL Certificates are ideal for websites with lower transaction value and low volume e-commerce requirements, and at a great price, lower the barrier of entry for companies wanting to secure lite levels of e-commerce.

Buy GeoTrust® SSL Certificates Instantly • Trustico®
GeoTrust® is the worlds second largest digital certificate provider, and a leader in a wide variety of Identity and Trust services. GeoTrust's comprehensive array of technologies enables organizations of all sizes to secure e-business transactions cost effectively.

Buy Symantec® SSL Certificates Cheaper - From $295.08
Buy Symantec® SSL Certificates at discounted prices - companies, governments and public institutions worldwide trust Symantec® to secure their sites and protect their brands. All Symantec® SSL Certificates come with the Norton™ Secured Seal.

Buy Thawte® SSL Certificates From $73.08 Per Year
Buy 256 Bit Thawte® SSL Certificates at cheaper prices - Thawte® continues to prosper as a distinct brand within the VeriSign® group of companies. The company has the full backing of VeriSign® - while maintaining full autonomy in their day to day business.

RatePoint | Business Reviews & Feedback Management
Launched in September of 2006 by the founders of GeoTrust®. RatePoint was created to promote online and offline business quality while enhancing the relationship between businesses and consumers.

Reseller, Wholesale & Affiliates

SSL Reseller | Become A Partner Instantly • Trustico®
Resell SSL Certificates - when you open an SSL Certificate reseller account you will receive exceptional service that puts you in control of your frequent purchases. Premier offers discounts and special pricing structures for resellers.

Become A Trustico® Affiliate | Refer & Earn Instantly
SSL affiliate program, Refer SSL Certificate customers to Trustico® - one of the world's most favorite SSL Certificate providers. Our affiliate program will reward you with 10% of each sale, each time you refer someone to us from your web site.

Reseller Ordering Process, Queuing & Vetting
Reselling SSL Certificates - Technical Information - Our system will collect all of the relevant order information and then send it to GeoTrust® or VeriSign® for immediate processing.

Reseller Pricing | Wholesale Discounted SSL • Trustico®
Resell SSL Certificates - Trustico® SSL Reseller Program offers great pricing options including tiered pricing structure and bulk discounts for resellers.

Reseller Refunds | Product Pricing & Exposure To Costs
SSL reseller refund policy - refunds are not available unless a previous arrangement has been made, at the discretion of Trustico®. In our usual course of business we offer discounted pricing based on the level of commitment our resellers agree to.


SSL Certificate Tools | Convert & Decode • Trustico®
We offer various SSL tools which may assist you to create a CSR, decode a CSR or Certificate or create a PFX file.

Decode & Output SSL Certificate Using URL • Trustico®
Decode your SSL Certificate by entering your domain name. Our systems will connect to your domain name to retrieve the SSL Certificate.

Decode SSL Certificate Instantly Online • Trustico®
Decode your SSL Certificate instantly online with our Certificate Signing Request decode tool.

Decode Certificate Signing Request (CSR) • Trustico®
Decode your Certificate Signing Request and view it instantly. Paste your CSR to decode it and view the raw output.

Create Certificate Signing Request (CSR) • Trustico®
A Certificate Signing request is a block of encrypted text which contains information that will be included in your SSL Certificate. Create a CSR instantly.

Create Self Signed SSL Certificate & Key • Trustico®
A self signed SSL Certificate can be used for testing purposes. Here you can create a self signed SSL Certificate and corresponding 2048 bit Private Key instantly.

Check If CSR Matches SSL Certificate Online • Trustico®
Check if your SSL Certificate and Certificate Signing Request are a match instantly with our online SSL Certificate matching tool.

Convert PEM SSL Certificate To PKCS12 (PFX) • Trustico®
This tool is useful to convert your Private Key, SSL Certificate and Intermediate SSL Certificate (CA) into PKCS12 format. A PKCS12 file may be a requirement when installing your SSL Certificate into certain server environments.

Convert PEM SSL Certificate To PKCS7 (P7B) • Trustico®
This tool is useful to convert your Private Key, SSL Certificate and Intermediate SSL Certificate (CA) into PKCS7 format. A PKCS7 file may be a requirement when installing your SSL Certificate into certain server environments.

Convert PEM Certificate To DER Encoded File • Trustico®
A DER formatted SSL Certificate is simply a binary file which usually uses the extension of DER. All SSL Certificates can be encoded in DER format. DER is typically used with Java platforms.

Convert PEM Private Key To DER Encoded File • Trustico®
A DER formatted Private Key is simply a binary file which usually uses the extension of DER. All Private Keys can be encoded in DER format. DER is typically used with Java platforms.

Documentation & Support

Support | SSL Certificate Assistance & FAQ • Trustico®
Find information here in relation to SSL Certificate support, advice and procedures.

How To Create A CSR (Certificate Signing Request)
A CSR (Certificate Signing Request) is required to order an SSL Certificate. The CSR is generated from within your hosting control panel, webserver software or server operating system software.

How To Setup & Install SSL Certificates • Trustico®
How to install SSL Certificates, SSL Certificate installation instructions. Use the following information on this page to install your SSL Certificate or Site Seal.

Import PFX - Install SSL Certificate | IIS 5 & 6
A PFX file is a specially formatted file which includes the SSL Certificate, Private Key and optionally any required Intermediate CA Certificates. The file has an extension of .PFX and is compatible with Windows Internet Information Service (IIS).

Import PFX - Install SSL Certificate | IIS 7
Once the SSL Certificate has been imported it is important to now bind the SSL Certificate to your website so that the website functions correctly.

Import An SSL Certificate & Private Key Into Apache
If you manage your own dedicated server - obtain the SSL Certificate, Private Key and additionally any required Intermediate CA Certificates.

SSL Certificates & Mobile Device Ubiquity • Trustico®
SSL Certificates for mobile devices - every day consumers are using mobile devices for browsing the web and checking/sending e-mail. It is important to ensure that your SSL Certificate works with mobile devices if you intend to offer secure services to mobile device users.

SSL Certificate Techncial Frequently Asked Questions
SSL Certificate technical frequently asked questions and SSL help. We have put the following information together based on common technical questions we are asked.

SSL Certificate Glossary & Meanings • Trustico®
SSL Certificate glossary - are you confused by all the SSL terms and jargon used? Use our handy SSL jargon buster to help explain what they all mean.

SSL Product Wizard - Find The Best SSL Certificate
Use our SSL Certificate wizard to get recommendations on which SSL Certificate to buy. Compare SSL Certificates.

Telephone International Country Code List • Trustico®
Country codes are a vital part of the international telephone numbering plan and are required when dialing a telephone number from one country to another. Country codes are dialed before the national telephone number.

News, Alerts & Updates

SSL Certificate Announcements & Updates • Trustico®
Trustico® news, press releases and corporate information - Trustico® believes that creating a successful secure web presence should be easy and affordable. Here you will find our latest news and press releases.

RapidSSL® Prices For Japan Customers • Trustico®
In 2014 RapidSSL® advised that pricing would be aligned and adjusted to encourage and reward in-market focus, investment, and support for all RapidSSL® SSL Certificates sold to Japan.

Cheap GeoTrust® Prices For Japan Customers • Trustico®
In 2014 GeoTrust® advised that pricing would be aligned and adjusted to encourage and reward in-market focus, investment, and support for all GeoTrust® SSL Certificates sold to Japan.

Thawte® Prices For Customers Within Japan • Trustico®
In 2014 Thawte® advised that pricing would be aligned and adjusted to encourage and reward in-market focus, investment, and support for all Thawte® SSL Certificates sold to Japan.

Cheap Symantec® Prices For Japan Customers • Trustico®
In 2014 Symantec® advised that pricing would be aligned and adjusted to encourage and reward in-market focus, investment, and support for all Symantec® SSL Certificates sold to Japan.

Certificate Transparency Plan, SSL Public Log (CT)
Certificate Transparency (CT) is a Google initiative to log, audit, and monitor certificates that Certificate Authorities (CAs) have issued. CT’s intent is to prevent CAs from issuing public key certificates for a domain without the domain owner’s knowledge.

SSL 3.0 POODLE Attack Vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566)
Researchers today published a vulnerability with SSL 3.0, POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption), that could allow an attacker to decrypt secure cookies sent over a secure connection.

Transition From SHA-1 Certificates, Replace With SHA-2
Microsoft and Google announced SHA-1 deprecation plans that may affect websites with SHA-1 SSL Certificates. Chrome version 39 and later will display visual security indicators on sites with SHA-1 SSL certificates with validity beyond January 1, 2016.

1024 Bit SSL Certificates Revoked - Upgrade To 2048 Bit
The Certification Authority / Browser Forum has mandated that Certification Authorities discontinue supporting anything less than 2048 bit SSL Certificates by the end of December 2013.

Symantec® Acquires VeriSign® Authentication Business
Symantec has signed a definitive agreement to acquire VeriSign's security business, which includes the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate Services, the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Services, the VeriSign Trust Services and the VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Authentication Service.

June 30, 2012 - MD5 SSL Certificates Revoked
As of June 30, 2011, Mozilla ended their support of the MD5 signature algorithm. To ensure website encryption continues without error, Symantec® advises affected customers need to get their SSL Certificate reissued before July 1, 2012.

December 30, 2008 - Response To "MD5 Collision Inc"
Earlier today at the Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin, three researchers presented a paper in which they had used an MD5 collision attack and substantial computing firepower to create a false SSL Certificate using the RapidSSL brand of certificates.

Global SSL Retailer Trustico® Joins RatePoint Program
Partnership Significantly Broadens International Distribution of RatePoint Online Reputation Management and Customer Feedback Platform

Debian Weak Public Key Random Number Vulnerability
Debian Vulnerability - Free replacement of SSL Certificates issued by GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Thawte and VeriSign.