The NetSure® Protection Plan

We value our customers, so we have ensured to only offer production SSL Certificates that include a warranty in the event an SSL Certificate is mis-issued. The warranties range from $5,000 to $1,500,000 on all of our SSL Certificates.

Trustico® VAT

Warranty information is available on the relevant product information pages and within the document below.

What Is An SSL Certificate Warranty

The warranty protects the end user if an SSL Certificate is mis-issued (issued to a third party that was not entitled to the SSL Certificate).

It is worth noting that other SSL Certificate providers may use warranty as a means of adding an increased perceived value to their product offerings. Other providers typically offer the same SSL Certificates that Trustico® provide, with the exception of higher warranties and higher retail SSL Certificate prices.

We recommend only purchasing SSL Certificates which include a warranty. Trustico® only provide SSL Certificates that contain warranties and issued by reputable suppliers.

Some SSL Certificate issuers have weak validation methods and do not offer any type of warranty. We do not recommend purchasing an SSL Certificate that does not include a warranty.

NetSure® Protection Plan

NetSure® protection plans are provided by Symantec® to protect SSL Certificate holders against certain losses resulting from breaches of the Certificate Authority.

The NetSure® protection plans cover up to the amount of the warranty included in respect to the specific SSL Certificate product being purchased. The warranty amounts differ between products and is shown on the relevant product information pages.